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What is website hosting and why do you need it?

If you’re new to the world of websites and thinking about taking the plunge, you might be a bit bewildered by it all. People talk glibly about ‘hosting’, but what is it, why do you need it, and how much does it cost?

Web hosting is like internet rent

Unless you are fortunate enough to own your own house outright, you have to pay to live somewhere. You might pay rent or have a mortgage. If you live with family, you probably pay for ‘your keep’. Websites are no different. They have to live somewhere and you have to pay for their keep.

If you have a large five-bedroom house, you will have to pay more to live in it than if you have a small studio apartment. Websites are no different in this respect either.

So, all websites have to be ‘hosted’. Hosting is the rent you pay for your website to ‘live’ on the internet. The bigger your website, the more you will pay to host it.

Website hosting prices

Hosting prices vary enormously from very cheap (yes, cheap again – remember our website advice) to very expensive. Your hosting fee is normally paid annually in advance, or monthly, depending on your hosting company.

Beware of cheap hosting offers

Although it might seem like a good deal if you only pay a couple of quid a month, you need a hosting service that’s secure, reliable and provides you with good support. If there’s a problem and your website goes down, you don’t want to wait for days or even weeks to have it fixed.

Some web developers and hosting companies charge large sums of money for hosting. We’ve come across companies charging enormous amounts to host one small website. If you have been quoted for hosting and you think it’s expensive, ask exactly what you’re getting for your money and do some like-for-like price comparisons.

WEB-right hosting

Although WEB-right provides website hosting, we only host sites we build ourselves and this is done though a reputable British company with UK-based servers. The cost of your website hosting is included in the price of your Pay-as-you-Go website. This is based on the size of your website when your website package price is calculated.

If you have to sort out your own hosting, be wary of using a domain registrar or hosting company based overseas or one with its servers overseas. It could be more difficult to get support and a reliable service. Even just being in a different time zone can mean a delay in getting your problem resolved.

Like many services, you get what you pay for with website hosting. But don’t forget, there are a lot of unscrupulous ‘landlords’ out there who will fleece you given half a chance. So do your homework and shop around. If you prefer the convenience of a reputable company who will build and host your website, then get in touch with WEB-right, the Hampshire-based website developers.

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