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Hampshire website design and build

The nuts and bolts of having a website

To get started with a website, you will need two basic things … the domain name, and somewhere to host your site.

Domain name registration and management

All websites need a domain name – this is the unique name which allows your site to be found on the internet. It is your online business address … the www.yourbusiness.co.uk bit. Domain names are not ‘bought’ in the normal sense of the word. While you are the ‘registered owner’, you do have to keep paying the annual renewal fees. Your domain is included in the cost of your website Pay-as-you-Go package. With WEB-right, the domain name is always registered in YOUR name, ensuring you always have ownership. This is particularly important as it is part of your brand. Domain names must be renewed every year. If the domain isn’t renewed, your website will simply vanish from view (though it isn’t deleted). Eventually, if your renewal fee isn’t paid, your domain name will be available for someone else to buy, so it’s important it is managed carefully. This is why the management of your domain name is also included in your Pay-as-you-Go website package.

Domain registrar

In theory, it doesn’t matter who the registrar is. However the price and level of support varies, and this informs our choice. We use and recommend SimpleReg, based in Cheltenham as they are a small business like ourselves, and are based in the UK.

Website hosting

Website hosting and support is included in every Pay-as-you-Go  package, and it continues for as long as you are paying your monthly website subscription fee.

Website hosting provider

We host client websites with CloudAbove a UK company based in Newquay, Cornwall. We moved to them in 2017 after our previous hosting company was taken over by large international enterprise, and the level and quality of service dropped dramatically. CloudAbove fullfil our ‘not too big/not too small’ supplier-matching criteria, the server performance is good, and their technical support is excellent. If you need a website, whether it’s your first site or a replacement, do get in touch. We’re always happy to help.  Phone 02392 503 742 or .