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Hampshire website design and build

Hampshire website management and maintenance service

You might be surprised to know that just having a website isn’t enough. Websites are like cars – they need to be managed and maintained for peak performance.

WEB-right’s website management and maintenance service isn’t just for Hampshire businesses. With clients spread across the UK, management and maintenance ensures their websites are kept fresh, current and doing their job.

If your website isn’t updated, it will quickly become dated and ‘dusty’. This can put off potential customers and start a slide down the search rankings. While we can do this for you, WEB-right’s Pay-as-you-Go websites are designed so you can manage the content yourself.

Many small businesses don’t have the time to keep their site up-to-date, so the WEB-right team can maintain your site for you, making changes and updates promptly and efficiently. If your website needs our help,  or phone us on 02392 503 742.

What parts of your website need to be managed and maintained?

There are three main aspects to website management and maintenance:

1. The domain and hosting – included in our Pay-as-you-Go sites

  • Domain: The registration of your domain needs to be renewed each year – if it expires, your site will disappear from view on the internet.
  • Hosting: Your website needs server space, as this is where the website files are hosted. With WEB-right, you get as much space as your website needs, no matter how large it grows. And the hosting space is monitored for you to ensure it always meets your needs.

2. Your website content – add and update yourself

  • As your business changes and develops, you’ll need to add or re-write the words on your site. You might also want to add new images, especially if you have a gallery. Your visitors and Google will like to see that you’re keeping your website up-to-date. You can do much of this yourself – it’s easy with all our sites.
  • Free with every Pay-as-you-Go site from WEB-right, is an online SEO Copywriting course provided by Copywriting Training Ltd.
  • If you want to get the best SEO (search engine optimisation) performance, the copy or words need to be written in a specific way. Find out more about the SEO services we can provide.
  • If you’d like to learn more about writing your own SEO copy, our sister company Copywriting Training Ltd has a number of short online courses aimed at website managers and small business owners.

3. Website security and backups – included in our Pay-as-you-Go sites

  • It’s a sad fact that all websites are constantly under attack from hackers who use automated programs to search for unprotected sites. Sometimes hackers just want to deface your site and delete your files. But mostly they aim to hijack your site to send out spam emails, bombard other websites, or add files to your site so that every visitor is infected with a virus.
  • To protect your investment and online reputation, we keep your website secure and backed up using security plugins, and regular backups which are stored securely in the cloud. As no site can be 100% safe, we also scan and monitor your website to ensure we know about file changes and login attempts.