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What are bespoke websites?

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines bespoke as:

(of goods) = made to order

(of a computer program) = written or adapted for a specific user or purpose

Bespoke websites are a bit of both … essentially, unique websites created just for you and your business.  They are built to your design specifications and incorporate all the functionality you need from day one.

For your website to be visitor-friendly (and that must be your first priority), its design will follow some conventional practices in layout, design and navigation. If your website is too unconventional, difficult to navigate, or if visitors can’t find the information they are looking for, it will not be effective.

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Building a bespoke website

For a website to be effective over its lifetime, it cannot be static like a printed brochure or a museum piece. Your bespoke website will be built on the WordPress ‘engine’ – the powerhouse of around 25% of all new websites appearing on the internet.

Most WordPress sites have limitations imposed by the use of a ‘Theme’ or template to control the features and design. Your WEB-right bespoke website, however, is built using a ‘Framework Theme’ which has none of the limitations of conventional WordPress Themes. It means the design, customisation, and structure of your website will meet your individual needs, without the constraints. With the addition of a leading page-builder, the layout and formatting of your content is always under control.

The development process

You bespoke website starts with:

  • Your logo or artwork
  • Your brand standards for colour and text
  • Your images
  • Your thoughts about the design and layout
  • Your examples of what you like and dislike
  • The needs of your business

Combining these with WEB-right’s knowledge of the internet, SEO, and visitor behaviour and expectations, a preliminary working design is built. You are able to see, over the internet, how your website will appear to your visitors, and how the navigation works.

Your feedback is used to fine tune the design, and you can see the changes live online every step of the way.

SEO Copywriting

The success of your website and its performance depends on the quality of the content. That’s where WEB-right’s SEO copywriting team comes in.

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