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What is website hosting and why do you need it?

If you’re new to the world of websites and thinking about taking the plunge, you might be a bit bewildered by it all. People talk glibly about ‘hosting’, but what is it, why do you need it, and how much does it cost? Web hosting is like internet rent Unless you are fortunate enough to… Continue Reading

How much does a website cost?

‘How much does a website cost’ is often the first question we’re asked, and I’m afraid there’s no easy answer. That’s not just a case of being shifty or trying to avoid the issue, but until we know what you need from your website, it’s an impossible question to answer. What supermarket shopping and websites… Continue Reading

Take positive action for business after Brexit

Whatever your view on Brexit, and whatever you voted in the Referendum … Brexit is happening. We don’t yet know the terms of the divorce, and like all (most) divorces, it’s all a bit fraught. Not a day goes by without another item appearing in the nation’s newspapers, on television, or online. The news always… Continue Reading

Does your website suffer from this?

As you can imagine, because we design and build websites, and write the content for them, we spend a lot of time looking at the internet. We’re constantly amazed at the poor user experience we encounter. User experience You might be forgiven for thinking that ‘user experience’ or UX, is just one of those phrases… Continue Reading

Black Hat

Black Hat SEO – is someone playing fast and loose with your website? We found dozens last year, and now we’ve found another one – an innocent website with hidden links which don’t show up on their pages. It’s called Black Hat SEO in web circles. It’s difficult to know precisely what’s going on –… Continue Reading