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Typography – the element of web design you’ve probably never heard of

Let’s start with a definition – typography is …

The art and process of designing typeset material, including the choice of fonts, legibility, leading, kerning, layout, and the use of white space.

(Oxford Reference)

Typography Lost (with nod to John Milton)

Why is typography important to your website?

Even though the internet is becoming an ever more visual medium, 95% of the content is text. Text is what we humans read, and it’s what Google indexes. We all know the phrase “a picture paints a thousand words”. But pictures on their own are not sufficient – picture-based home assembly instructions prove that!

Where the art of SEO is getting the web page in front of people, typography is the art of engaging with those visitors.

So, the purpose of typography is to make sure the website visitor can read and absorb the words with the least effort. Good typography leads to a better rate of conversion, turning visitors into customers.

Don’t all web designers build this in?

You will be forgiven for thinking that all web designers, that is people who build websites, use the principals of typography. A random trawl round the internet shows a majority of sites are built without typography in mind. That’s almost as bad as ignoring SEO.

Part of the problem is that it’s just so easy to build a website these days. There are numerous online platforms providing site building tools which are very affordable, so many people build their own website. They see it as a way of saving money. That’s the ‘price’. The ‘cost’ side of the equation is business lost because they haven’t built an effective website.

There are also web design companies and freelancers who have forgotten the importance of text. They allow graphics and images to dominate or even obliterate the written words.

Fashion plays a part too, and one of the trends is to use light grey text on a white background. This can be very difficult to read. Why would you make life difficult for a potential customer? It’s like making them look at product images through frosted glass.

WEB-right understands the importance of typography

As well as applying Google’s recommendations on content and SEO, we also apply the principals of typography to every website we design and build. Why would you buy a car with no engine and no wheels?

Typography isn’t about the choice of font – that is just the first half-step. Good typography is presenting the text on your website so your visitors can find, read and absorb the information they need. How many conversions will you get if they have a negative experience?

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