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Take positive action for business after Brexit

BrexitWhatever your view on Brexit, and whatever you voted in the Referendum … Brexit is happening. We don’t yet know the terms of the divorce, and like all (most) divorces, it’s all a bit fraught.

Not a day goes by without another item appearing in the nation’s newspapers, on television, or online.

The news always seems bad!

But there is good news

Whatever happens with the talks, and in spite of all the prophets of doom, the sky will not fall on our heads, and life will carry on, pretty much as before.

People have been, and will continue to argue (until the cows come home) if we’ll be better or worse off in the future.

This is a very passive, ‘letting life happen to us’ way of thinking … on both sides of the debate.

Here at WEB-right (and WORD-right), we believe in making our own ‘luck’. Only, it isn’t luck. We research, discuss, consult, plan, and take action – there is no luck involved, as it’s down to hard work.

Positive action

A good many people and businesses are waiting to see what will happen, putting off making plans and taking decisions. But if you’re as serious as we are about keeping our business going after 29th March 2019, what should you be doing in 2018?

Not sitting on your hands waiting for Brexit to happen.

If life and trading is going to be more difficult from 2019, then you need to be reviewing your business now!

What can you do to streamline processes, cut unnecessary costs, and get more value for what you spend? Have you got a (marketing) plan for retaining existing customers and finding new ones? Does your website reflect your new, dynamic business, or is it like a rundown shop with a dusty, cobweb-draped window display?

Take positive action now to prepare your business for the future. Then, whatever happens after the 29th March 2019, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the opportunities as they arrive.

What’s the alternative?

It’s so much easier to do nothing, moan about the politicians, the suppliers, your customers. Let’s moan about your competition too … as they forge ahead because they did take positive action.

Our recommendation

Start now, and make your own luck.

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