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Proud sponsors of the Friends of Staffordshire’s Young Musicians’ Website

In January 2014, we were saddened by the tragic and premature death of a close friend and business colleague. He was a highly skilled copywriter we had worked closely with for several years.

Apart from a great loss to his family and friends, his death caused significant problems for the Friends of Staffordshire Young Musicians (FOSYM). FOSYM is a registered charity which provides musical education for young people in Staffordshire.

David K, our friend, had built and maintained the charity’s website. When he died, the website files couldn’t easily be accessed and the site couldn’t be updated. As David had spent several months in hospital, the site was already out-of-date.

The WEB-right team are passionate about music, and we decided a charity which encouraged the development of young musicians deserved our help and support.

Today, FOSYM has a new website courtesy of WEB-right. It’s built on WordPress so it’s user-friendly and the trustees can now update the site  themselves.

The sponsorship of The Friends of Staffordshire Young Musicians website is our way of supporting a very worthy organisation. And it’s a fitting tribute to a very dear friend.


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