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Portsmouth company’s search engine success

Portsmouth based Beautiful Bells bell tent hire It’s every company’s dream to have a website that flies to the top of the search engines – a website that generates large volumes of traffic and converts those visitors to sales. And that’s just what Beautiful Bells’ website has done.

Beautiful Bells is a Portsmouth-based bell tent hire company providing fully-furnished bell tents for weddings, hen parties, events and glamping holidays, across the Hampshire and Sussex areas.

The Beautiful Bells’ website went live in January 2014. While it was under construction, a temporary holding page started the optimisation process. In just two months from the full site going live, it was on the first page of Google for 24 of its chosen search terms and had brought in so many enquiries the company had to more than double their bell tent stock to cope with demand. They went into the 2014 season with five tents and ended with twelve.

The website has continued to be developed with additional pages and services added as the company has grown. An active blog has helped maintain the optimisation levels. At the last SEO check, the site was listed on the first page of Google for 120 of the target search terms. Of those, 75 were in first position.

Beautiful Bells has had to increase its tent stock again and this year have more than 25 tents out on hire. Already, they are fully booked on peak weekends and are taking tents as far afield as Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

There is a lesson to be learnt here. This isn’t luck or some sort of magic. Their success is easily explained.

The fact is most businesses don’t have effective websites. This can give you a clear advantage. If your company makes the necessary investment in your website and others in your industry sector and geographic sector don’t bother, you can leave them standing.

Sadly, many companies don’t recognise the value of such an important marketing resource. Investing in a website does cost money and everyone appreciates times are hard.

But if Beautiful Bells hadn’t been savvy enough to make that investment, they might still have been running a hobby business with just five bell tents. Instead they are now one of the biggest operators on the south coast in just eighteen months. And in case you’re wondering, their site has attracted almost 50,000 visitors since this time last year. How does your site compare? 

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