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Pay-as-you-Go websites for micro businesses

Small and micro businesses need a professional website presence. In today’s internet-driven world, website marketing is essential. This Pay-as-you-Go website package is ideal for micro businesses, freelancers, charities and associations, who need an affordable and professional website.

The micro subscription website package gives you a website to market your business effectively. Explore the links below to discover what’s included in this comprehensive website package from WEB-right, the Hampshire web developer.

Flexible website subscription plans

Businesses grow and expand. Your needs can change, particularly in today’s fast-moving market. WEB-right’s websites are designed to be flexible and to grow and adapt in line with your business. A full range of add-ons are available and can be added to your website subscription at any time.

Speak to WEB-right today about your website needs. Although we’re based in Hampshire, YOU don’t have to be. WEB-right works with clients across the UK. Email the or, if you’d like to have a no obligation chat, you can call on 02392 503742.

Level 1 example

Hobby or micro
£ 25
Typical monthly DD
(per calendar month)
  • Up to 5 content pages,
    plus Contact & Privacy
  • Includes your own .co.uk domain
  • Monthly backups to a secure location
  • HTTPS secure connection
  • Fee reduction to £20 pcm after two years

Optional extras:

Have your content written by an experienced, professional copywriter. Google says the most important part of your website, for both the human visitors and SEO, is the content.

Although a legal requirement (like your company name and trading address), many websites owners decide they don’t need this when there is no advertising or ad tracking on their website.

The applications which make up your website are checked for updates at least once a year.

Although every site is built so you can manage the content yourself, if you’re too busy with your business, we can provide a Content Management service.

Your monthly time allocation isn’t “use it or lose it” … we will refund time not used, or invoice for any extra time recorded, at the end of each year.

Level 2 example

£ 50
Typical monthly DD
(per calendar month)
  • 12 content pages,
    plus Contact & Privacy
  • News blog or Gallery set up
  • Includes your own .co.uk or .com/.org domain
  • Weekly backups to a secure location
  • HTTPS secure connection
  • Yearly program updates & spring cleaning
  • Cookie notice & privacy statement
  • Google location map
  • Fee reduction to £38 pcm after two years

Level 3 example

Larger businesses,
membership etc.
£ ?
Monthly DD
(per calendar month)
  • However many pages you need
  • All the features and facilities you need
  • Includes your own domain
  • Customised backups to a secure location
  • HTTPS secure connection
  • Twice yearly program updates & spring cleaning
  • Cookie notice & privacy statement
  • Fee reduction approx.25% after two years

Follow the links below to find out what's included in ALL the WEB-right Pay-as-you-Go subscription websites.

WEB-right’s Pay-as-you-Go website package gives you a professional website for as long as you need it, with no high up-front costs or deposits to worry about. Instead, you pay an affordable fixed monthly subscription for your website by Direct Debit.

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s essential you can update your own website quickly and easily. With WEB-right’s CMS Pay as you Go websites, you don’t have to wait for someone else to schedule your updates or pay them for the privilege!

Nowadays, about half of all websites are built using a CMS – Content Management System. These systems have online editors, and all you need is an internet connection to update your site yourself.

All websites have domain names (that’s the www.your-website-name bit). That’s the online address of your site.  If you already have an existing domain name, we will arrange its transfer to your new website.  If you don’t have one, the cost of a domain and all renewal fees are included in the standard monthly subscription.

Need a different domain extension? Just give us a call.

Although we are not qualified to give legal opinions, we can advise you about what is needed for your website to be legal, particularly with privacy, cookies, and GDPR.

It’s important you know how your website is performing and how many people are visiting it. Included in your Pay-as-you-Go website are TWO website analytics packages: Google Analytics and Statcounter.

Google Analytics is probably the best known and most widely used website statistics package, which gives a wealth of information.  However, it is not the easiest application to use, particularly if you want to check your stats quickly.

Statcounter is our preferred statistics package because it is quick and easy to use, even for the inexperienced user. With just a couple of clicks, you can see all your visitor stats. By installing both, you have the option to use whichever package is best for you.

When someone visits your website and likes what they see, they might like to ‘share’ it with their friends and contacts on social media channels. With social media ‘share buttons’, all they have to do is click the button and that web page is shared automatically.

Having a website is a bit like having a car. If you don’t know how to drive it, you can’t go anywhere. WEB-right’s Pay-as-you-Go websites and have a simple online editor. This means you can make changes and update your site quickly and easily. 

But like a car, you need to learn to ‘drive’ your website. Included in your Pay-as-you-Go website package is unlimited access to our secure client resource area. This contains fact sheets, guides and recorded podcasts to help you ‘drive’ your website and get the most from it. It also includes useful links to other online resources to help you get the most from your website investment.

You’ve probably heard the term SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process of making your website perform well on Google and other search engines.

The most important part of a website’s SEO is the copywriting (the words on your site). If you know how to write your copy effectively, it will be more attractive to the search engines, and most importantly, your prospective customers.

Included in your Pay-as-you-Go website package is a short online SEO copywriting course. This will teach you a bit about SEO and how best to write for your website. This professional course is delivered by WEB-right’s associate company, Copywriting Training Ltd – the UK’s only specialist online and distance learning copywriting training company.

Depending on your business sector and likely audience, you may have a significant proportion of your visitors using a smart phone to view your website.  All Pay-as-you-Go websites are designed and configured to be responsive to screen size, so your website works on mobile phones and tablets as well as desktop computers.

You’ll see many website companies saying they submit your site to the search engines to help your site’s indexing. They often charge for this service but in fact, there are no measurable benefits of doing this. 

Google recommends websites are registered with their ‘Search Console’ and the sitemap is uploaded. This is the most effective way of getting your site indexed by Google’s search engine and is included in your Pay-as-you-Go website package … at no extra cost!

This is another technical necessity for today’s websites.  The ‘SSL Certificate’ tells Google and your visitors that their connection to the website is secure and they can visit it safely. A site which has an SSL Certificate starts with the prefix HTTPS. Old sites without this certificate start with HTTP. Google is marking these old sites as being ‘insecure’. Having an SSL Certificate for your website makes you and your business look professional and secure.

Hosting fees are the ‘rent’ everyone pays for their website to be housed on the internet. It’s essential a reputable hosting company is used to ensure any problems are dealt with as quickly as possible. WEB-right uses a reliable UK-based hosting company with fast response times for all its website hosting.

Sadly, website security is a big problem nowadays. Malicious hackers break into websites of all sizes and do a great deal of damage. They might hijack the site to send spam emails, or they can even infect it with viruses which are spread whenever someone visits your website.

While there is no guarantee that any site won’t be hacked, the WEB-right sites are protected against hackers. Our technical staff get email alerts if there have been any attempts to break into the sites. And in the worst case scenario, if a site were to be hacked, back-ups ensure it can be repaired and reinstated as quickly as possible.

In addition to the server backups, regular site back-ups make sure your website can be quickly reinstated in the event of any problems or security breaches. The back-up files are stored in a secure ‘cloud’ location so they are protected 24/7.

The hosting server and your website is monitored by an external service 24/7. If there are any problems or disruptions, we’re immediately notified so they can be sorted out with the minimum of downtime.

Our Central Reporting System is your place to go if you need to tell us about any problems you’re having with your website. You can also use it to make requests for changes and amendments.

We use a central reporting system because it’s effective and efficient. It means you don’t have to worry about leaving messages if the office is unmanned or if it’s out of hours.

The reporting system is checked regularly during working hours and all our staff can see what needs to be done and address any issues promptly. You don’t have to worry about offshore support or time zones … all our staff live and work here in Hampshire.