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Pay-as-you-Go website FAQs

Considering a Pay-as-you-Go subscription website or website rental but don’t know how it works? This page contains a list of questions that clients have asked us in the past when thinking about a new website.  They’ve found the straight forward answers useful. We hope you do too.

If you need more information, or you have questions not covered here, please give our Hampshire based web developers a call on 02392 503 742. Alternatively,  send and we will be pleased answer your specific questions.

About your website and domain ...

A Pay-as-you-Go website is a professional website built to meet your specifications, that you rent on a monthly basis. Sometimes called a ‘subscription website’, it means you don’t have to borrow money or tie up your capital in buying your own website. Instead, you pay a fixed, affordable monthly rental fee for your website.

No. While we are based in Gosport (near Portsmouth) in Hampshire, we work across the UK.  It doesn’t matter where you live or work, you can access our Pay-as-you-Go website service.

There are no deposits and no hidden costs with WEB-right’s Pay-as-you-Go website package. All you pay is the monthly fee for the duration of the website.

There is absolutely no long-term contract with a WEB-right Pay-as-you-Go website. You are not tied-in for any fixed term. Should you decide you don’t want your site any more, you simply give us a month’s notice.

No. Although you have full and exclusive use of your Pay-as-you-Go website, it is rented rather than being bought outright. This is a bit like like hiring a car. When you have finished driving it, you return it to the hire company.

Yes, indeed they can. Just because you are renting your website doesn’t mean it can’t grow as your business grows. More pages and additional ‘bells and whistles’ can be added at any time (for a small additional monthly cost) to meet your ongoing needs.

All websites need a domain name. This is your ‘internet address’. If you already have a domain name, we will arrange for it to be transferred to your Pay-as-you-Go website. If you don’t have a domain name, we will arrange for one to be bought on your behalf. The cost of buying or transferring your domain name is included in the Pay-as-you-Go website cost.

No, you own the domain name and this is very important! With many pay-as-you-go or website rental companies, you don’t own your domain name. Then, if you decide to give up your rented website, you have to pay to get your domain name back.

Your domain name is very personal and important to your business. It is part of your brand, your marketing, and it’s essential you have full ownership of it.

ALL WEB-right’s clients, whether they have a bespoke or a Pay-as-you-Go website, own their domain names. If we buy a domain for you, it is registered to you personally. We manage it for you for the duration of your website hire. If you cancel your website Pay-as-you-Go rental, the domain name is transferred to you so you can use it elsewhere in the future.

You can cancel your website rental with just one month’s notice. At the end of the month, your website is taken off the internet and it will no longer be active online.

Although this isn’t the norm, it is possible to buy your website outright at any time during the Pay-as-you-Go rental. The cost will depend on the age and the size of your site.

Website visitors ...

The process used to help Google and the other search engines to index your site, is called ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ or SEO, for short. All WEB-right’s Pay-as-you-Go websites are built to be SEO friendly to help Google find your site.

The most important part of your website’s SEO is the content (the words on the pages). That’s why we have arranged for all our Pay-as-you-Go clients to have access to an online course. It will teach you about SEO and how your writing can make your website perform well on Google.

Yes. All the WEB-right websites are configured to work on mobile phones and tablets, etc.

Email addresses are not included in your website package. However, if you need or would like an email address to match your domain name, (e.g. joe.bloggs @ yourbusiness.co.uk), we will set it up for your using our recommended 3rd party supplier.

Having an email separate to your website hosting makes it more robust. If there are any technical problems online with your site, you will still have access to your emails, and vice versa.

Your website content ...

The content on WEB-right’s Pay-as-you-Go websites is easy to update. You have access to an online editor which is simple to use so you can makes changes whenever you need them. Included in your Pay-as-you-Go website package is access to our private client area which includes guides to using the online editor system.

As an example, you can change or add text or pictures to your website in a matter of minutes. If you have a blog, you can add as many articles as you like without restriction. All you need is access to the internet.

This isn’t something you need to worry about. It’s very hard to break the website using the online editor. Because only our website development team have access to the ‘technical’ areas of the website, you can’t actually damage the design or structure of the site. If something does go wrong however, all our Pay-as-you-Go websites are regularly backed-up. All you have to do is get in touch and your website can be reinstated quickly and easily.

You provide the words (the copywriting) and the pictures for your Pay-as-you-Go website and we load them on the site for you.

Because you might not know what to write and how to go about it, we’ve joined forces with our associate company, Copywriting Training Ltd, to help you. You have free access to a short online course in SEO copywriting so you can learn how to write effectively for your website.

Please be aware that you can’t take anyone else’s words or pictures from the internet. This is against the copyright law and can result in you being taken to court. So you will have to write all your copy (the words on your site), and provide your own pictures or buy them from an online picture library.

Yes, we certainly can. If you want your website copy written by a professional copywriter, our in-house WORD-right copywriters are here to help. If you commission our copywriting service, you can choose to add it to your monthly website rental package.

Unfortunately, because we don’t have the necessary photography skills we can’t take photographs for you. However, if you want professional photographs, we can help you find a local photographer or recommend an online photo library where you can buy stock images.