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What are WEB-right’s ‘Affordable Websites’?

When a new website is being built, up to 50% of the time and cost can be attributed to the design and construction. Other cost factors include the loading of images and content, and the configuration of additional functionality and features.

Micro businesses need effective websites, but don’t always have the budget for a bespoke site. WEB-right’s range of Affordable Websites addresses this problem. You benefit from a lower cost website which can be upgraded and developed in the future, without compromising on style and performance.

Pre-built website templates

With WEB-right Affordable Websites, you choose from a series of pre-built templates. Colours and images can be changed in the template to ensure your website reflects your business branding.

Effectiveness isn’t compromised

Choosing one of WEB-right’s Affordable Website templates doesn’t reduce your site’s effectiveness, either with your visitors or the search engines.

Unlike other sites built with WordPress ‘templates’ (or Themes), these sites can be developed and more features and functionality added at a later date. This ‘win:win’ situation is possible because the WEB-right templates are built on Word-Press by WEB-right, using the Headway framework theme.

Affordable Website packages

WEB-right’s range of Affordable Websites are ideal for businesses on a lower budget, but we understand you might still need a few added extras. If you want copywriting support or onsite optimisation, for example, these can be added to your Affordable Website package, ensuring your new site ticks all your boxes without breaking the bank.

Looking to the future

As your business grows and develops, your website can grow and develop with you. Because you are not locked down by the constraints of a ‘normal’ WordPress template, your website can change and evolve without you having to start all over again.

Will my website look like hundreds of others?

The short answer is no. With the level of customisation available with a WEB-right Affordable Website, no two sites will look the same.

If one of WEB-right’s Affordable Website templates doesn’t meet your needs, you need WEB-right’s bespoke website service.

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