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Business websites that work

The nuts and bolts of having a website

Every website needs two things … the domain name, and somewhere to host your site and your emails.

Domain name registration and management

If this is your first website, you will need a domain name. These are not ‘bought’ in the normal sense of the word … it’s best to think of them as ‘rented’. You can choose to include the cost of this in your website package. The domain name is bought and registered in YOUR name, ensuring you always have control and ownership.

Domain name registration must be renewed at intervals (normally every 2 years for .co.uk domains and every year for .com). If you forget to renew your domain, your website will simply vanish. For a small administration fee, WEB-right will take care of your domain renewals for you, saving you the time and worry and protecting your site.

Domain registrar

We often register and manage website domains for our clients – most importantly, we ensure they do not expire unexpectedly, leaving clients without a working website. We use and recommend SimpleReg, based in Cheltenham. 123reg is a good alternative.

Website and email hosting

Included in every small business website package is one year’s website and email hosting and support.

At the end of the year, you can continue to take advantage of our affordable, reliable on-going hosting service. Because we don’t believe in tying people in to long contracts, you can move to a third party hosting company after your first year if you prefer.

Website hosting provider

We only host websites we have built or those we are managing for a client. If you need a good hosting company, we can recommend 5quidhost Ltd.

We have been using 5quidhost Ltd since 2008. Based in Edinburgh, they are neither large and impersonal, nor small and inexperienced. All our own sites, and those we host, are on ‘Turbo+’ plans. The server performance and their technical support is excellent.

If you need any help or advice about a website whether it’s your first site or a replacement, do get in touch. We’re always happy to help.  Phone 02392 503 742 or

Don’t forget to download our Simple Guide to Websites – it’s completely free and there’s no obligation.